Rongta RP400 Barcode Printer


The Rongta RP400H Barcode Label Printer is a barcode printer that uses both direct thermal (printing of labels without ribbon) and thermal transfer  printing technology(printing of labels with ribbons). It is an economical choice for office and retail applications, it is easy to operate and produces perfect quality printing.


It is generally used in industries such as Healthcare, Transportation, Retail, Logistics, Manufacturing, Entertainment, Government, Postal and Customs.

It has the capacity to print on labels that are as wide as 150mm (6inches) and 102mm height (4 inches).

It comes with USB interface.


The Rongta RP400 Key Features are:

  • 203 dpi (8 dots/mm) resolutions; Ultra high print speed 6ips (152mm/sec).
  • Supports Direct Thermal & Thermal Transfer Printing Technology.
  • Print on labels that are as wide as 150mm (6inches)
  • USB Interface
  • Ribbon capacity up to 300M
  • Easy to operate and produce perfect quality printing, such as Healthcare, Transportation, Retail

Rongta RP400 combines the features of both Thermal Transfer Printer and Direct Thermal Printer.


Thermal Transfer Printers explained…

  • Thermal transfer (TT) types of label printers are the industry’s choice for high-quality, long-lasting labels.
  • Thermal transfer printers utilize ink ribbons made of wax, resin, or a blend of wax and resin. It’s important to match the label material with the right ribbon to get the best print quality and durability so all of our labels come with ribbon recommendations.
  • TT printers use lower heat settings than most other variable print technologies. This allows for the widest choice of facestock & adhesive options including paper, plastic, polyester, etc. With more variety in label materials, you will also find more solutions for tough label applications, including chemical resistance, oil resistance, cold and hot temperatures, outdoor exposure, long-distance scanning… the list goes on and on…

Direct Thermal Printers explained …

  • Direct thermal (DT) printers are do not require an ink ribbon. Instead, labels that pass through this type of printer have a special layer of chemicals beneath the label surface that are heat-activated to create printed images.
  • Without the need for a printing ribbon, the cost per label tends to be lower .
  • DT labels are not meant for long-term use, especially if there is UV light exposure.
  • DT labels are primarily chosen for affordability and/or the ease in setting up the printer with only one media supply to monitor.
  • Labels printed with DT printers usually are not as vibrant and sharp as those produced with TT print.  If they are, it is likely you are using too much heat which can affect line definition and barcode scanner readability.

                                              Technical Specifications

Printing Resolution 203dpi  (High Resolution and High Speed)
Printing method Thermal Transfer and Direct Thermal
Printing speed 4-5 Inch/s
Max printing width 104mm (4.09 )
Max printing Length 2286mm (90 )
Interface USB)
Commands TSC
Ribbon  Length Max 300M
Ribbon width Min. 30mm;   Max. 110mm
Media Max Media Roll OD 127mm (5″ )
Min Media Roll ID 25mm
Media Paper Type Continuous, gap, fan hold, black mark,
Media Rolling Up Method Printing  side outward Rolling
Media width Max 120mm (4.72″), Min: 20mm (0.78″)
Media Roll Core Size 25.4mm~38mm
Media Gap Min.2mm
Media Thickness 0.058mm~0.305mm
Label Length 10mm~2286mm
Accessories External Media Holder (Optional)
Software Editing Software Nicelabel SE
Driver Windows 2000?XP?Vista?Win7?Win8?Windows Server 2003&2008
Character font Character Set GB18030 (Simplified Chinese)
Print font  ASCII Font A: 12*24
ASCII Font B: 9*24
Chinese: 24*24
Environment Temperature Working: 5-45°C, Storage: -10~50°C
Specification Humidity Working : 25%~85% ; Storage: 10%~90%
Power supply Input: AC 110V/240V, Output: DC24V/2.5A,60W
Storage 4MB



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