Proximity Card



Proximity card also referred to as proximity access card is a read-only RFID card that offers 125khz iso format proximity technology and customization of printing images on both sides. It can come pre-numbered or without number.


We always stock the pre-numbered proximity card



Proximity cards are used for applications such as access control system, time and attendance system, visitor management and so on.


Chip:                                               TK4100

Working Frequency:                      125khz

Maximum Read Range:                2-15cm

Dimensions:                                 54Wx 86L x 0.76H mm

Card Construction:                      thin, flexible polyvinyl chloride (pvc) laminate

Operating Temperature:              -45oc to 70o

Weight:                                          9 gram

Iso format:                                     125khz

Numbering:                                  External Card Numbering


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