ERC-38 Ribbon Cartridge


Our Blutech ERC-38 B/R Ribbon Cartridge is a compatible ribbon cartridge for ERC-38 printer. Each ribbon is individually sealed and in a white retail box. One  ribbon cartridge per pack.

The ERC-38 B/R cartridge ribbons have been manufactured to exact specifications to ensure you get the quality and reliability you need. The Blutech ERC ribbons are the perfect ribbon for a variety of impact POS printers.



The Blutech ERC-38 B/R high-quality ribbon cartridges are designed exclusively for ERC-38 dotmatrix POS Printer. These high-quality cartridges are guaranteed to deliver exceptional results, with performance comparable to Epson original ribbon cartridges. Our ribbon printer supplies are backed by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.


The ERC-38 B/R ribbon will work with a lot of dot-matrix impact printers, some are listed below


  • Bixolon SRP-270, SRP-270A, SRP-270C, SRP275
  • EPSON ERC30, Epson ERC34, Epson ERC38, Epson ITU200D, Epson 270, Epson 300D, Epson M133A, Epson M17-JB, Epson M119, Epson M119B, Epson M188B, Epson M270, Epson M280, Epson M52-JB, Epson TM-267 II, Epson TM-270, Epson TM-300A, Epson TM-300C, Epson TM-300D, Epson TM-U200B, Epson TM-U200D, Epson TM-U210B, Epson TM-U220, Epson TM-U230, Epson TM-U300, Epson TM-U325, Epson TM-U370, Epson TM-U375
  • Datamega DPN-2700, Datamega TM-U370, Datamega TM-U375
  • Panasonic JS-7000 MAIN, Panasonic JS-7500 REMOTE, Panasonic JS-8000 Panasonic PM300, Panasonic PM308
  • Samsung SRP270
  • Sanyo/Check-a-Tron 590, 595
  • Sharp ER-2975, ER-3210
  • TEC RE-2000, TEC RE-2500, TEC RE-3000, TEC RE-3500


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