Blutech BP9210AT Barcode Scanner


The Blutech BP9210AT is a laser barcode scanner that comes with a stand, it can also be used as handheld. It is a compact, scans fast and automatically; it can also be configured to scan manually by pressing the trigger



The Blutech BP9210AT automatically scans fast and accurately. It is USB powered, plug and play and no driver needed.
Simple installation and low power consumption.
Rich decoding types and long service life of button.
Support more than 20 different languages keyboard output.
Ergonomic design with bracket-held design eases your pain of wrist.


Light source:                           Visible lasing diode; 650nm wave length

Scanning mode:                      Bi-directional single line scanning

Scanning speed:                     200 scans / sec

Scanning accuracy:                 4mil (pcs0.9)

Scanning width:                       60mm @ The scanner window, 280mm @ 300mm

Scanning depth of field:           0~350mm (0.43mm, PCS 98%)

Tilt & Elevation & Deflection:    30° & 75° & 65°

Interfaces supported:                USB

Print contrast ratio:                    At least 30% reflectivity difference

Error rate:                                 1/5000000

Promoting methods:                 Buzzer, LED indicator

Scanning ways:                        Trigger automatically

Decoding abilities:                    EAN-8, EAN-13, UPC-A, UPC-E, Code 39, Code 93, Code 128,

EAN128, Codaber, Industoal 2 of 5, Interleave 2 of 5, Matrix 2 of 5,

MSI, China postal code, etc.

Power source:                          DC5V

Working current:                       75mA (Total power consumption: 650mw)

Quiescent current:                   35mA

Laser safety:                            National safety standard Class 2

Electromagnetic compatibility:  CE, FCC, DocCompliance

Operating temperature:            0 ~ 45 degree Celsius

Storage temperature:               -20 ~ 60 degree Celsius

Humidity:                                  Relative humidity 5% ~ 95% (No condensation)

Ambient brightness:                 Max. 5,000 Lux (fluorescence)

Anti-knock:                               Can withstand 1.5m free fall

Material:                                    ABS + PC + Rubber

Cable length:                            Approx. 1.8m / 5.9ft

Product size:                             Approx. 3.34×2.75×5.31in

Product weight:                         Approx. 105g / 4.23oz

Package size:                           Approx. 23.5 * 14.3 * 8cm / 9.25 * 5.63 * 3.15in

Package weight:                       Approx. 496g / 1.09Lb

Package includes:
1 * Laser barcode scanner
1 * USB to RJ45 cable
1 * Set of fixed mount (1 * Pedestal, 1 * Link pole, 1 * Mode case, 2 * Screws)
1 * User manual


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