Blutech BT800 Barcode Label Printer


The Blutech BT800 Label Printer is a barcode printer that supports both direct thermal (printing of labels without ribbon) and thermal transfer (printing of labels with ribbons). It is an economical choice for office and retail applications, it is easy to operate and produces perfect quality printing. It is generally used in industries such as Healthcare, Transportation, Retail, Logistics, Manufacturing, Entertainment, Government, Postal and Customs.

It has the capacity to print on labels that are as wide as 150mm (6inches) and 102mm height (4 inches).

It comes with USB interface.




The Blutech BT800 has the capacity to print on labels that are as wide as 150mm (6inches) and 102mm height (4 inches).

It comes with USB interface.

The Blutech BT800’s Key Features are:

  • 203 dpi (8 dots/mm) resolutions; Ultra high print speed 6ips(152mm/sec).
  • Supports Direct Thermal & Thermal Transfer Printing Technology.
  • Print on labels that are as wide as 150mm (6inches)
  • 4 interface (USB, Serial, Parallel and Ethernet) designed for multiple requirements.
  • 120mm wide paper exit for option more wide label rolls.
  • External paper industral-grade large roll.
  •  Ribbon capacity up to 300M
  • Easy to operate and produce perfect quality printing, such as Healthcare, Transportation, Retail


Model:  BT800
Dimension 285x210x180mm (LxWxH)
Weight 2.09KG
Interface    USB
  • Print specification
Model BT800
Dot density 203dots/inch(8dots/mm)
Print method Ribbon/Thermal
Dot size(W×L) 0.125×0.125 mm
(1 mm = 11.8 dots)
Print speed?inch/s? 2~6inch/s
Maximum print width 108 mm(4.25?)
Maximum print length 2286 mm(90?)
Pulse excitation 1*108 pulse
Thermal film(reliability) 50KM
  • Ribbon specification
Ribbon diameter Max. 67 mm
Ribbon length 300m
Ribbon axis siza 1 inch (25.4 mm)
Ribbon width Max. 110 mm
Min. 30 mm
Ribbon winding method outward winding
  • Paper specification
Model BT800
Paper roll diameter(Max.) 127 mm(5?)OD
Paper type Continuous paper , paper with interspaces , folding paper ,black mark paper
Paper rolling up method Printing side outward rolling / inward rolling
Paper width Max.120 mm(4.72?)
(upper & bottom paper) Min.20 mm(0.78?)
The thickness of the paper Max.0.254 mm(10 mil)
(upper & bottom paper) Min.0.06 mm(2.36 mil)
Paper roll axis size 25.4 mm~38 mm(1?~1.5?)
Label length 10~2286 mm(0.39?~90?)
Remark:  If label length less than 25.4mm(1 inch), label paper with perforations are recommended, labels can be torn off easily.
Gap size Min.2 mm(0.09?)
  • Software
Editing Software Bartender
Driver Windows 10




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