R20 RFID Card Reader


The R20 RFID Card Reader is a USB interface driver-free reader that is of high-performance, it’s an external input device that can read out the serial number of the RFID card and output to the computer according to the specified format without additional procedures.



The R20 RFID Card Reader is easy to use as it read card very fast, can be read in any number, this function is suitable for extended functionality in existing software, without any modification to the original software.

  • Can connect computers and Android devices (only the USB interface can), RFID Card Reader is connected to the PC computer device and through Word or Notepad recorded the card number. (NOTE:Android device requires an OTG adapter.)


  • Application scope: Membership management, identification of occasions, such as: clubs, schools, government, enterprises, social security, charge management, Internet cafes, etc.
  • Lifetime Warranty: LANMU offer satisfactory service for every purchase of RFID Card Reader that send a replacement or refund if there is anything wrong, making sure the no risk shopping for customers.


Frequency:                                            13.56MHz / 125khz

Protocol:                                                ISO 14443 TYPE A , ISO15693

Cards supported:                                   Mifare and Proximity cards , Tags

Typical time to read and write cards:    <100ms

Maximum effective distance:                 5 -8cm


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