Blutech BP9003 Wireless Barcode Scanner


The Blutech BP9003 is a wireless barcode scanner that uses 2.4ghz RF bi-directional wireless data transmission module. Automatic frequency hopping, strong anti-interference capability. Super speed 250kbps wireless transmission rate.

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The Blutech BP9003 wireless scanner is plug-n-play, the usb receiver automatically pairs without hassle, no driver is needed to be installed.

Easy to check and can store up to 5000 barcode data.

Automatic sleep mode and low voltage protection of the battery largely prolongs the standby time of the battery.


Performance Parameter
Wireless Transmitting indoor 100m
outdoor 300m
Light Source 650nm Visible red light diode
Image Resolution  4mil
Minimum Print Contrast  30%


Barcode Types

UPC/EAN/JAN,UPC/EAN with supplementals UCC/EAN128,Code39,MSI,Code11,Code39 Full ASCll,

Code39  Trioptic,  Code128,Code128  Full  ASCll  Codabar,Code93, Discrete 2 of 5 IATA,RSSvanrians,Codabar,chinese 2 of 5,Interleaved 2/5, Interleaved 2 of 5, International general dimensional barcodes

Decoding Speed 200times/s
Barcode Sensitivity Pitch ±65°
Roll ±42°
Skew ±60°
Mechanical and Electric Performance
Size(Length x Width x Height) 92.5×70×154.6 mm
Weight (without cable) 166g
Indicator beeper and LED light
Battery Capacity 600mah
Maximum Power 350mw
Working Voltage DC5V


Maximum Current 70ma
Working Current 65ma
Stand-by Current 43ma
Sleeping Current ? 4ua
Charging Current 450ma
Accessory List
Data line USB data line(1m)
Receiver 2.4GHZ
Operation Manual 1Piece
Environmental Parameter
Storage Temperature -40°C ~ 60°C
Working Temperature 0°C ~ 50°C
Relative Humidity 0 ~ 95%
Drop Resistance 1.5m
IP Rating IP52



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