ABOUT TTtech Limited

TTtech is a hub for ICT and POS Equipment. We started business operation in 2017 but we have been in the POS/ICT Industry for about 14years as employees; having worked for two prominent entrepreneurs in this same field. We are well grounded and up-to-date in technology that relates to POS/ICT.

While we emphasize on service and support to differentiate ourselves in this highly competitive market we also strive to constantly provide up-to-date, price and needs-meeting equipment for our customers’ diverse needs in response to our constantly changing technology climate.

Our range of products include POS Systems, POS/Receipt Printers, Barcode Scanners, POS Consumables, POS Peripherals, Laptops, Desktops, Document Printers, Photocopiers, Biometric devices, Time & Attendance Systems, Access Control Devices, CCTV, Signature Pad, Mag/Smart Readers and many more as the technology evolves.

In TTtech we are flexible and responsive, our logistics are incomparable….We are customer-centric…We work with the philosophy of “Customers are Kings” Customer’s business objectives enjoy top priority on our list

The word “CAN’T” isn’t in our dictionary. Whatever your needs are; POS and ICT wise….talk to us….we will make it real!


POS/ICT - 14 years
Sales and Marketing - 14 years
Customer Satisfaction - 14 years